Focus on innovation, efficiency and customer service.

  • Agile scalability and customization
  • Automation and controls in all processes 
  • Platform always updated with new features 
  • Integration with external platforms and devices 
  • Powerful engine for data analysis 
  • Mobile, social, smart

End to end Logistics

  • Cliente
  • Embarque
  • Reportes
  • Recibo
  • Chofer
  • Mantenimiento
  • Tráfico
  • Liquidaciones
  • Almacen
  • Contabilidad
  • Otros

Marketing and Sales

  • Marketing
  • Lead management,
    nurturing and conversion
  • CPQ for faster and accurate quoting
  • Opportunity and quote management
  • Multiple price books and discount management
  • Mobile APPs for sales executives
  • Individual, management and global reporting


  • Account balances, discounts and credit limits 
  • Dispatching, status and delivery notifications
  • Self-quoting for pickup and delivery
  • Payment, shipping status, case management and more

Customer Service

  • Incident management
  • Knowledgebase
  • Automatic response 
  • Executive assignment
  • Response automation and alerts
  • Social bots
  • Individual and global reporting

Truck Management

  • Truck unit inventory management.
  • License plates, odometer reading, maintenance history, weight capacity.
  • Expense tracking per unit.
  • IIoT integration for unit KPIs monitoring.

CPQ – Configure Price and Quote

  • Dedicated and consolidated shipping quoting
  • Automatic ship quoting for faster and accurate pricing and margins
  • Faster customer response time


  • Merchandise reception with QR tagging
  • Total load vs unit capacity (real and volumetric).
  • Logistics cargo-to-route and truck-driver assignment
  • Floor loading to truck through QR scan 
  • Automatic customer notifications for dispatching and status change 
  • Controls to ensure data integrity


  • Driver APP 
  • Total, partial, and returns management 
  • Delivery and digital signature collection and delivery site 
  • On-the-road collections

Driver settlements

  • ncome tracking per cash and credit shipping 
  • Expenses per trip 
  • Daily income and expenses reporting 
  • Driver payroll 
  • Daily trip allowance tracking 
  • Driver settlements

Warehouse Management

  • Multiple warehouse management
  • Inventory costing
  • Purchase and returns warehouse entries 
  • Sales, service orders and losses warehouse exits 
  • Individual and global reporting

Truck Maintenance

  • Service orders
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance orders
  • Inventory tracking
  • Reporting

Invoicing and Accounting

  • Accounts payables 
  • Accounts receivables 
  • Balance aging 
  • Credits, returns
  • Invoicing, accounting 
  • Reporting

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