IIoT and automation

Connect the physical world with the digital one to create new business models.
  • Sensing solutions. Temperature, current, pressure, vibration, position, distance, orientation.
  • Remote monitoring and digital system integration.
  • Error detection and correction, poka yoke solutions.
  • Machine vision and AI.
  • Predictive maintenance solutions.
  • Mobile robot design and manufacturing.

Precision Machining

  • 300,000 sq ft
  • Fadal Machining
  • HAAS Machining Center y CNC Lathe
  • CNC Mill & CNC Flat Surface Grinder
  • Milling and Turning Equipment
  • Optical Laser Cutting
  • 0.00″ to 5/16″ cutting width unstainable steel, carbon, aluminum in different alloys variations
  • Hidraulic bender up to 200 T / pressure
  • Sheet metal laser cutting, Die cutter, punching machines, microwire solder, electrical resistance welding

Robotics and Automation

  • XYZ gantry systems
  • Robot design & manufacturing
  • Integrated and autonomous
  • Automated Kiosks
  • Intelligent computer machine control
  • Pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical motion
  • Multilingual touch HMI
  • Smart self diagnostics
  • Real-Time web reports & alerts
  • AI Based Systems

Predictive Maintenance

  • Distributed sensing (local and remote): temperature, current, pressure, vibration, position, distance, orientation
  • Preventive and corrective actuation based on real time sensing
  • Error detection and correction, poka yoke.
  • GPS, flow, accelerometers, proximity, lasers, vision
  • POSIP Protocol for global access
  • POSIP Server Smart Software

Logistics IoT Solutions

GPS, OBD, gyroscope and IoT solutions for driving pattern monitoring, route unit costing, diesel consumption, defined vs actual distance traveled and more.

Unlimited Connectivity

Physical (machines, robots, sensors) to digital (APPs /  ERP / web services / wearables) for alert automation and machine actuation.

IIoT Ready ERP

SCADA and connectivity capabilities with external hardware, robots, sensors, for remote data acquisition, alerting, reporting and actuation.  

Unlimited client management, IP and IPDT protocol for secure local and internet based communication.

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