Designed for the next generation of businesses

Focused on innovation, efficiency and customer service.

Based on the leading global platform Salesforce Cloud Platform, for comprehensive business management and a unified view of the business for better decision making.

  • Global security and infrastructure.
  • Ability to extend functionality in an agile way
  • Automation and controls in all processes
  • Platform always updated and constantly with new functionalities
  • Ease of extending functionality by integrating with external platforms and devices
  • Powerful engine for data analysis Mobile, social, smart


  • Marketing 
  • Lead capture, assignment, nurturing
  • Broker assignment 
  • New sales, upgrades
  • Auto assignment of tasks
  • Up / cross selling
  • Individual and global reporting


  • Auto
  • Company comparisons
  • Life
  • Medical Insurance
  • Enterprise
  • Policy issue, cancellations


  • Policy insurance issuance
  • Payment reminders and processing
  • Insurance agency fees management 
  • Transfers
  • Coverage changes and updates

Broker and Sales Reps

  • Insuree and policy management
  • Tasks, accident management and follow up
  • Repair follow up and notification
  • Digital library
  • Auto task management 
  • Individual and global reporting

Customer Service

  • Accident reporting 
  • Real time geolocation
  • Mechanic shops and hospitals under agreement search
  • Access to policy, payments and receipts
  • Personalized communication and promotions
  • Chatbot

Insuree Lifetime Panel

  • 360 degres visibility 
  • Customer lifetime transacion history 
  • Insights for up / cross selling
  • Personalized promotions notifications

Billing and Accounting

  • Account payable, aging 
  • Accounts receivable, aging
  • Invoicing
  • Billing
  • Reports

IoT – Internet of Things

  • Real time alerts
  • Geolocation
  • Mileage and OBD reading for insurance cost optimization
  • Smart housing
  • Smart health through wearables
  • New service models

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