Designed for the next generation of businesses

Focused on innovation, efficiency and customer service.

Based on the leading global platform Salesforce Cloud Platform, for comprehensive business management and a unified view of the business for better decision making.

  • Global security and infrastructure.
  • Ability to extend functionality in an agile way
  • Automation and controls in all processes
  • Platform always updated and constantly with new functionalities
  • Ease of extending functionality by integrating with external platforms and devices
  • Powerful engine for data analysis Mobile, social, smart

Industry Solutions.

Designed to simplify operations across industries.


Interactive portals, quizzes, exams, online library, professors and student management, billing, accounting.

Real Estate

Property acquisition, unit refurbishing, sales, customer service, brokers and external party access, income and expenses management, KPIs.


End-to-end logistics and transportation management including sales, service,
operational and administrative processes.



Marketing, sales, cross-up selling, CPQ policy quote, renewals, policy management, customer service, IoT integration for real time alerts, geolocation and more.



Marketing, sales, service, omni-channel chatbots, point of sale, warehousing, inventory management, maintenance repair and operations, invoicing, human resources, payroll, accounting

Comprehensive management in one place

Connected processes, customers, suppliers and teams.

Quote, Sales
Service to Customers
Inventory Warehouses
Billing Accounting
360 degree visibility
BI Analytics
Automation Controls by Process
Expansion Customization
Connectivity IoT Ready Vertical Ready

Salesforce, the No. 1 CRM in the world, by the numbers

Automate and extend Salesforce to all business processes.


Sales Productivity


Forecast accuracy


Increase in revenue


Lead conversion


Win rate

Technical Expertise in Salesforce

All the business in one place
  • Extend Salesforce to the entire organization 
  • Hybrid APPs, web portals for internal and external use
  • CPQ for configure price and quote automation 
  • Social bots and CPaaS integration 
  • Process automation and controls
  • Data security enforcement
  • Third party connectivity 
  • Interactive sites

IIoT and automation

Connect the physical world with the digital one to create new business models.
  • Sensing solutions. Temperature, current, pressure, vibration, position, distance, orientation.
  • Remote monitoring and digital system integration.
  • Error detection and correction, poka yoke solutions.
  • Machine vision and AI.
  • Predictive maintenance solutions.
  • Mobile robot design and manufacturing.

Cloud platforms by industry and IoT solutions

Our SaaS platforms and ERP software are built on the Salesforce cloud platform designed for the logistics, manufacturing, real estate, retail and education industries. Our ERP software solutions have the flexibility, intelligence and connectivity that businesses need in the new economy where connectivity between employees, customers, suppliers, and the physical world is critical. The flexible design supports a variety of business models. For manufacturing businesses it includes manufacturing and warehousing, make-to-order, set-up-to-order, or a combination thereof. For the logistics sector, it includes the consolidated and dedicated freight transport model. For the education sector, the online model. For the real estate sector, the purchasing and selling as well as refurbishing and sale model.

Unlike legacy ERP systems, our platforms are designed with the customer focus. Users can configure the system to meet their specific needs. In addition to adding business data, they can modify the modules according to their business processes, create custom mobile APPs, add web portals for self-service and collaboration in a more efficient way using tools and reducing coding. Businesses can quickly implement changes and are not limited by the time consuming and high costs associated with legacy ERPs.

Businesses obtain benefits through ROI by using our ERP software built on the Salesforce platform in conjunction with the CRM capabilities. This includes real-time connectivity across sales, service, administration and operational processes. By having all the information consolidated in a single cloud and a single database, companies can take advantage of the benefits of a consolidated 360-degree view by process, by individual, as well as global reporting. This allows connectivity across the organization allowing them to provide a personalized experience, scale their operations efficiently, and move ahead of the competition. These business benefits can be achieved in a single cloud while simultaneously reducing IT, integration, development and administration costs.

Through IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) solutions, companies are transforming their business models, opening a new model of efficiency and economic competitiveness. Beyond process automation, remote monitoring through voltage, current, temperature, pressure position sensors, devices, low-orbit and terrestrial satellite networks, mobile robots, IIoT is opening new ways to operate in a more efficient and autonomous manner, control quality across processes, provide predictive maintenance, in addition to creating new ecosystems and business models to connect the entire value chain and boost competitiveness.

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